Jenna Lawrence, RMT

Jenna Lawrence, RMT

Jenna’s interest in massage therapy came from a fascination in the complexity of the human body and it’s amazing potential to overcome adversity and achieve incredible goals. She believes in the importance of a healing touch and has seen profound results when massage is applied professionally. The skills and knowledge that she has acquired in in this field is a gift that must be shared.

Jenna graduated in 2014 from the Vancouver Career College Registered Massage Therapy program after 2800 hours of intense study. She became a Registered Massage Therapist after passing the provincial board exams. During her training she was exposed to a variety of patents including geriatrics, high-risk pregnancy, athletics, and the HIV/Aids community.

She believes that working with other professionals in a holistic, team-based practice is the most effective way to provide clients with the best care possible. The human body has an incredible ability to heal itself and we can help facilitate that process through manual therapy and client education. Jenna enjoys finding relief for clients by sourcing the ailments and working with them to change habitual patterns in a non-invasive manner.

Growing up in a small town in the interior of British Columbia has given Jenna a practical, common sense approach to problem solving. Living a well-rounded, happy and healthy life is important. In her free time Jenna enjoys yoga, running, snowboarding, and travel. She loves hiking and exploring new places with her friends and family. She is always up for an adventure.

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